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  • Our photographers have always lived up to and beyond the expectations of all of our couples getting married abroad. We h
  • According to the traditional rules of good etiquette, the couple, once they are engaged, should send invitations to all
  • The choice of the bridal gown or groom’s suit is extremely personal and quite specific, and often takes longer than envi
    Bridal gown and Groom's suit
  • Shoes: let's face it; they are a girl's best friends after diamonds. Look for comfortable wedding shoes (that you can sp
  • Do not underestimate these three elements. An elegant hairstyle, flawless make up and perfect hands and nails can really
    Hair, make up and beauty
  • Flowers are usually selected after the wedding dress and this, together with your bridal hair or makeup, helps to set th
  • The rings that you exchange during your Wedding Vows are a symbol of your unique union and never-ending love, and the ch
    Wedding Rings
  • It is an age-old tradition all over the world to throw petals, rice or brightly-coloured confetti at newly married coupl
    Confetti & wedding favours
  • Here you can find some useful information about the paperwork required to obtain your Wedding License and Certificate:
    Certificate of Marriage
  • As newly married couple, one of the first tasks you will be asked to perform at your Wedding Reception is to cut your we
    Wedding Cake
  • Trio strings, opera singer, soloists, jazz band and Dj can simply add to your wedding a romantic touch and a fun factor.

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