certificate of marriageHere you can find some useful information about the paperwork required to obtain your Wedding License and Certificate:

Civil Wedding - Wedding License
This document is usually completed by your wedding planner, who will make all of the arrangements required by the particular wedding hall involved, and provide you with copies for registration in your home town.

The Wedding Hall usually prepares one multilingual copy, and in most cases, this is sufficient for the legal documentation. To find out whether you will need a copy of the paperwork, please contact your Wedding Planner, who will request it if required, and perform all of the necessary legalities, usually in Rome or Milan.

Catholic Wedding - Wedding License and Certificate
This is dependant on the type of Catholic Wedding requested (e.g. whether a Catholic Blessing rather than a full Catholic Wedding and/or a Civil Ceremony). Please contact us for further information.

Symbolic Wedding - Wedding Certificate
This type of Wedding Certificate is not a legal document. Ahead of the Symbolic Ceremony, you would need to become legally married in your home country (e.g. at a Registry Office or Town Hall).

We have a talented artist who can prepare a beautiful Wedding Certificate for your Symbolic Ceremony in parchment. Please contact us for more details and to inquire regarding designs and fonts.

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