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The choice of the bridal gown or groom’s suit is extremely personal and quite specific, and often takes longer than envisaged.

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life, with your dress or suit reflecting your individual style, taste and personality.

Bride: the bride must trust the opinions of at least one person very close to them when selecting their dress. This may be your mother, sister, aunt, best friend...or sometimes all of these combined! Once you’ve chosen your dress, remember to have any alterations made in plenty of time and to store it in an appropriate bag or carrier for travel, to ensure it will be perfect on the day. The climate at the time of year you are getting married can affect which materials or type of dress might be suitable, with lighter or more ‘floaty’ fabrics being popular for Destination Weddings.

Groom: the groom's suit is generally a little easier to find, mainly because it is often more wearable. We recommend that you always take some time beforehand and where possible, bring your witnesses with you so that your suits and/or ties will match. Again, lighter colours and fabrics may be more suitable for warmer temperatures and climates.

If you would like to find a wedding dress or suit in Italy or France, please contact us so that we can set up a meeting with one of our preferred suppliers.

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